• In making paper,CMC is used in making pulp so as to improve ..

  • In ceramic, CMC is applied as retarder,water-retaining,thickening and stability.CMC is used for ceramic green boby, glaz..

  • CMC&PAC can reduce water loss, and increase viscosity in drilling fluid, cementing fluid and fracturing fluid. They play..

  • In the field of textile, CMC could improve the best product & increase strength in the process of sinning, common additi..

  • After combination of CMC, instant-dissolution CMC with strong dispersion, non-coating & fast-solution will get.

  • CMC has an efficiency of suspension, preventing secondary-precipitation, retaining Moisture, stability, thickening, with..

  • As coagulant, water retaining, thickener and binder, CMC is also used in painting, mosquito-repellent incense, electric ..

  • CMC has an efficiency of suspension, preventing secondary- precipitation, retaining moisture,stability,thickening,with p..

  • CMC is widely used in food industry ,it play the roles of ta..

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