Food Grade CMC


Storage : Kept in a light-proof,dry and cool place
Packing : 15kg/25kg net composite paper-plastic bags or 3-ply kraft paper bags with PE liner
Exterior : White or yellowish powder
Product Name : CMC for Food Grade

Product Name:CMC for Food Grade

Exterior:White or yellowish powder

Packing:15kg/25kg net composite paper-plastic bags or 3-ply kraft paper bags with PE liner

Storage:kept in a light-proof,dry and cool place

Main Usage:CMC is widely used in food industry ,it play the roles of taste imprisonment,thickening and stabilization when used in various kinds of dairy drinks and seasonings.As an additive of molding,taste imprisonment,anti-fragmentation,water retaining and tenacity strengthening,CMC is slso used in ice cream,bread,cake,biscuit,instant noodle and fast paste foods.The recommended addition is 0.3-1.0%

Technical Specificatons of Food Grade CMC


Viscosity Brookfield

Purity     P H Moisture


0.7-0.952% 25-50≥98



FM800.7-0.951% 80-120≥99.5
FM1000.7-0.951% 100-200≥99.5
FM5000.7-0.951% 400-600≥99.5
FH7000.7-0.91% 600-800≥99.5
0.7-0.91% 800-1200≥99.5
FH20000.7-0.91% 2000-3000≥99.5
FH30000.7-0.91% 3000-4000≥99.5
FH40000.7-0.91% 4000-5000≥99.5
FH50000.7-0.91% 5000-6000≥99.5

Note: 1.Purity: ordinary type ≥98.0%, High-purity≥99.5%, High-purity type added “A” in the product.

         2.viscosity: there is a range of the two kinds of iscometer. According to user needs, these can also be Determined.


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