2016 Association of cellulose ether in the first session of the conference held in Shanghai

2016-11-13 13:00:05 China cellulose Industry Association 20

According to the Chinese cellulose industry association annual work arrangements, the spirit of "frugal and efficient" spirit will do the morning of March 24, 2016, the first branch of Chinese cellulose ether (non-ionic cellulose ether branch) with the Technical Committee on the twentieth China international food additives and Ingredients Exhibition and the twenty-sixth national food additive production and Application Technology Exhibition "period, in the Shanghai held a special technical seminars, revised food additives, food grade CMC national standards and industry development issues such as the discussion meeting.

Association vice chairman and Secretary General Liu Haiyan, vice chairman of the technical committee director, Professor Shao Ziqiang, vice chairman of Lu Tong Yan, the first branch of cellulose ether President Chen Zhengwei, vice president Chen Bingsheng, Wang Hongjiang, Zhao Chuncai, deputy secretary general Jiang Huimin attended the meeting. Chongqing Lihong, Eagle special chemical, Changshu Wei Yi, Shanghai, Danisco, Yixing Tongda, long Nantong Tailida chemical, Xuzhou Liyuan, Zhejiang, Hangzhou and three from the Hongbo non-ionic cellulose ether industry manufacturers, 20 members engaged in the production of non-ionic cellulose ether units of nearly 50 delegates attended the meeting.

First of all, by Dr. Rebecca of East China University of Science and Technology made a wonderful report on research and application of new food additives, then delegates around the food grade carboxymethyl cellulose were discussed, finally the current Shandong province is making "the polyanionic cellulose material standard" for in-depth discussion. The experts and technical personnel of enterprises to fully express their views, think generally, food grade carboxymethyl cellulose ether is a higher standard of national standards, in accordance with the development of international food grade carboxymethyl cellulose ether modification of the revised standards, most enterprises can achieve, and also should standard test methods were carried out. Extensive discussion, put forward many valuable suggestions.

For the "poly anionic cellulose" standard formulation, the industry has a large difference, the delegates think: 1, poly anion cellulose is used in oil drilling field of CMC commonly known as. The preparation of polyanionic cellulose, misleading enterprises PAC for other industrial fields in oil drilling field, but the industry generally believe that the PAC product is only used in the oil field, not for other industrial areas; 2, in addition, more than 0.95 DS draw further apart the requirements and technology development trend, and the current actual situation PAC products are serious discrepancies; 3, the development trend of PAC products through process improvement, and constantly improve the uniformity of the product to replace the lower DS, lower cost. Application of high performance products obtained under low DS conditions, rather than to improve DS; 4, the main users of PAC there are a lot of DS less than 0.95 PAC; purity and pH 5, described in the standards of the international standards and PAC requirements of users seriously inconsistent.

Branch president Yan Lutong, vice chairman Chen Zhengwei made a keynote speech, analysis of the current situation of the industry's import and export situation and industry. Finally, the Secretary General Liu Haiyan made a concluding statement, he reviewed the history of the development of CMC industry, analyzes the current situation of ionic cellulose facing the industry, and the production capacity and price trend of CMC in recent years, makes a comprehensive and thorough analysis, to appeal to the whole industry in the environment of the larger economic downward pressure, unity consistent, overcome difficulties, law-abiding, pay attention to environmental protection, collaborative innovation, and seek common development. Liu Secretary General's speech, we are deeply inspired and encouraged.

This meeting is the first meeting of cellulose ether in 2016 after the establishment of the first meeting, the meeting is expected to end successfully, and achieved some success. Chairman of the unit of Chongqing power company to provide sponsorship and support for this meeting, the association said in this thank you.


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